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It may feel like you have just started your year 11 studies, and yet you are being asked to consider what you will do in year 12! This can seem daunting but at Bishop Douglass 六年级, we aim to make the transition as smooth as possible for you.

Why study at Bishop Douglass 六年级? There are numerous reasons! Our 六年级 results are excellent and you will receive exceptional teaching. The 六年级 teachers at Bishop Douglass are specialists in what they teach and they really care about your progress. They offer after school and holiday lessons and will do their very best to ensure you exceed your target grades.

Please find enclosed in this pack the university destinations for our 2022 leavers. As you will see, our students go on to study a wide range of courses. Not only do we care about your learning but we also care about your progression after you leave the 六年级. You will receive bespoke specialist one-to-one careers and UCAS guidance here.

Another aspect of the personal support that you will receive is that you will have a dedicated 六年级 tutor and team to support you during your time here. Your tutor will be the first point of contact but, in addition to your tutors and your teachers, there are also several members of staff including myself, 夫人Prina, Madam Chisholm, Madam Aston and Madam Pavlou who are all here to guide and support you through your 六年级 experience.

You will benefit from a distinct 六年级 suite which offers a library, a quiet study room, a kitchen with a common room and gardens. We aim to run termly social events specifically for 六年级ers so, although you will work hard, there is time to have fun too!

There are many leadership, community and enrichment opportunities open to the 六年级. The top team run several events both within and outside of the school. 六年级ers are instrumental in running the school’s community endeavours and there are many clubs and enrichment activities on offer.

We really do welcome you into the 六年级. The next step for you is to read through the application pack and complete the application form by 周五9th December 2022. Please speak to a member of the 六年级 team if you have any questions. We look forward to discussing your potential place with us next year.


Miss L Binz, Head of 六年级